Our Mission.

Thriving Founders provides accelerated professional, emotional, and spiritual development for business leaders who truly want to realize their full potential as human beings. 

We prioritize working with leaders who want to maximize the positive impact they have on the lives and ecosystems they touch.

We are proud to donate 1% of our gross revenue to Amazon rainforest protection and indigenous tribal support through the PachaMama Alliance. We donate another 1% to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society who are protecting whales and dolphins from illegal fishing.

Working together we will do our small part in creating a global culture that is thriving, sustainable, and just for all.

We help founders around the globe
We REALLY are in this together!

Our Clients.

Recommendations from Michael's LinkedIn page
"As COO of Toca Boca I am confronted with the typical challenges all fast growth startup leaders face. I shared the most sensitive issues with Michael and could trust him to coach me in an honest and objective way, challenging me to think with new perspectives and to grow as a person. I am very grateful to have worked with Michael and would highly recommend him to any executive who wants to grow as a leader."
Caroline Ingeborn
President and COO at Toca Boca
“I began working with Michael as I was considering hiring a CEO to bring our company to the next level and scale quickly. As founding-CEO, this was no easy decision! Michael proved to be both a compassionate thought partner and effective advisor. I decided to hire a CEO, and I have continued to work with Michael to help ensure a smooth transition, effective partnership, and continue my personal growth as an executive and leader.”
Charles Cadieu
Co-founder & President, Caption Health
"I've had the pleasure of being coached by Michael as Co-founder & CEO of a 1000 person company. Michael sees the situation from multiple perspectives and provides you with clear vision on what and how to communicate your message for optimal results. He possess a vast set of skills within management consulting that provides you with tangible tools you can use again and again."
Henrik Zillmer
CEO & Founder at AirHelp
Cormac Eubanks
"Michael's style is the perfect balance of empathy and being able to challenge you on your less-than-productive implicit assumptions. Being coached by Michael will not only improve effectiveness at your job, but will make you reflect in new ways on your relationships outside of work as well. He draws from his breadth of knowledge in coaching, personal development, and Eastern thought to effectively tailor the coaching experience to the individual. I would heartily recommend Michael."
Cormac Eubanks
VP Product Design | Skycatch
Karen X Cheng
"What I like about Michael's style is that he really gets into the psychological stuff with you. What I found most helpful is that he would help me look under the hood in my brain and emotions so I could understand WHY I was making the decisions I was making or why I felt the way I did. What I appreciated most is that he is an advocate for YOU, not just for your company's bottom line. He taught me to work in a much more sustainable way and I'm much happier and healthier now."
Karen X. Cheng
Founder at Wafffle
"Michael has really helped Taulia’s C-team up-level our leadership skills by teaching us improved communication and innovative collaboration practices and transforming any unhealthy personality traits. Leading a company that grows 2-3x year over year puts a lot of stress on the team. Since starting with Michael two years ago I see how much more high functioning we are as a team, despite the stress. Personally I appreciate how Michael has helped me increase my emotional intelligence and as a result I believe I may have become a better CEO."
Bertram Meyer
Co-founder & CEO at Taulia

Meet Michael, Managing Partner.

I'm a tech startup founder with 6 years operational experience. Since leaving my company I have conducted more than 9,500 hours of coaching sessions with private and VC backed co-founders. My team and I are here to help you win!
Michael Costuros: Executive Coach
We will help you solve the most gut-wrenching issues you face as you rocket toward the next round of funding. Co-founder conflicts, difficult board dynamics, underperforming executives, forced resignations and worse. You name it, we have coached our clients through to the best possible outcomes.
Whatever your issue, we will leverage it to develop new leadership and management skills that will take you to the next level.
To discover how my team and I can help you, shoot me an email or schedule a call now. – Michael 

Our Services.

We specialize in…

  • Post-COVID return to office culture strategy 
  • Rapid leadership skill development for founders
  • Bad habit and personality quirk change
  • Co-founder conflict resolution
  • Fundraising strategy and process
  • C-team alignment off-sites 
  • Co-founder alignment off-sites
  • Remote team effectiveness tune-up
  • As of 2021, Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching (yup!)
To discover how we can help you win, schedule a call now.

Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching (PaEC).

New for 2021!

The future of executive coaching has arrived, it’s called Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching, (PaEC), and the results are EXTRAORDINARY!

We are offering PaEC in coordination with Mindbloom, the leading provider of at home therapeutic ketamine experiences. 

Artwork from @psychedelicjourneys on Instagram


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