Our Clients.

Recommendations from Michael's LinkedIn page
“When searching for a coach, it was important to me that I found someone who had experienced what it was like to be a startup founder, as opposed to a traditional executive coach or a therapist-turned-coach, because of the unique dynamics at play that must be lived to be learned. I have been working with Michael for over a year now and continue to find his insights valuable and supportive, especially as navigating the rapidly changing world and markets we currently face. The fact that he has lived through the ups and downs of the founders’ journey makes a big difference, and I continue to get great value out of our sessions together.”
Jamie Knowlton
Jamie Knowlton
Co-Founder & CFO | Better Place Forests

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“Michael's experience as a startup founder enabled him to truly understand the challenges I faced. His personal and professional dedication to my success really came through in his actions. Last-minute changes or requests for meetings were never a problem, and Michael was always very good at adapting our coaching sessions to whatever challenge was top of mind for me. Throughout our time working together, Michael was a reliable sounding board and an insightful thought partner - I would definitely recommend other startup founders to work with him!”
Brian Chen
Co-Founder & CEO | Room

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"Developing leadership skills is difficult and takes practice. It requires learning how to deal with myriad personalities and understanding the best techniques to use at each turn. Michael can quickly get at the core of issues and has an extensive set of actionable recommendations. Working with him has amplified my strengths and lessened my weaknesses. Michael is an incredible mentor that I recommend for anyone looking to hone their leadership skills."
Andrew Hoag
Andrew Hoag
Founder & CEO | Teampay

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Our Services.

We specialize in…

  • Post-COVID return to office culture strategy 
  • Rapid leadership skill development for founders
  • Bad habit and personality quirk change
  • Co-founder conflict resolution
  • Fundraising strategy and process
  • C-team alignment off-sites 
  • Co-founder alignment off-sites
  • Remote team effectiveness tune-up
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Meet Michael, Managing Partner.

I'm a tech startup founder with 6 years operational experience. Since leaving my company I have conducted more than 9,500 hours of coaching sessions with private and VC backed co-founders. My team and I are here to help you win!
Michael Costuros: Executive Coach
We will help you solve the most gut-wrenching issues you face as you rocket toward the next round of funding. Co-founder conflicts, difficult board dynamics, underperforming executives, forced resignations and worse. You name it, we have coached our clients through to the best possible outcomes.
Whatever your issue, we will leverage it to develop new leadership and management skills that will take you to the next level.
To discover how my team and I can help you, shoot me an email or schedule a call now. – Michael 

Our Mission.

Thriving Founders provides accelerated professional, emotional, and spiritual development for business leaders who truly want to realize their full potential as human beings. 

We prioritize working with leaders who want to maximize the positive impact they have on the lives and ecosystems they touch.

We are proud to donate 1% of our gross revenue to Amazon rainforest protection and indigenous tribal support through the PachaMama Alliance. We donate another 1% to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society who are protecting whales and dolphins from illegal fishing.

Working together we will do our small part in creating a global culture that is thriving, sustainable, and just for all.

We help founders around the globe
We REALLY are in this together!


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