Wake Up To The Power and Quality of Sleep

Wake Up To The Power Of Sleep

Since I can remember I thought I knew all I needed to know about sleep. Most of my opinion oriented around the overachiever motto, “I’ll sleep when I drop.” Boy, was I wrong! Little did I know that our ability to realize our full potential is directly linked to the quality and quantity of sleep we get. 

I’ve spent the last few months learning about sleep best practices and testing them out. I’m excited to share my most valuable and actionable insights with you. 

You are about to become a fan of Dr. Matthew Walker…

He is considered the world’s foremost expert on sleep science. The following videos were made while he was promoting his world-changing book, Why We Sleep.

Here are the videos I recommend in order of priority.

Appetizer: 5 min introduction to Dr. Walker’s thesis

Main Course: Dr. Walker presenting at Google – Will blow your mind!

Desert: Studies show naps work better than caffeine – TEDx

Interested in learning about power naps and more?

I have made a YouTube playlist for you containing the best quality and most inspiring educational videos on mastering your sleep.

Take a look and see which titles intrigue you most. The video playlist is unlocked, so if you have a favorite sleep hacking video to share please add it to the list!

DJ Sets That I Am Loving

A while back my friend Mike Normand sent me a link to a DJ set on Soundcloud by Heimlich Knüller. I’ve since listened to all of his published DJ sets and have come to love every single one!

I’ve selected one for you. Click here.


I hope you enjoy Heimlich half as much as I do.

DJ Deckard’s Summer Jams

In the last week, I keep coming back to three sets that DJ Deckard has on his Soundcloud over and over. I recommend that you start with the 70’s & 80’s hits mashup jam!

The ’70s & ’80s hits mashup jam

My Definition of Chill Vol. 6 Jukebox Hero by Deckard-DJ 

The funky retro mashup jam

Pool Mix #20 Greg Wilson by The Pool 

The retro hip hop and rap mashup Jam

Deckard – Party People 5 Space Cowboy Saloon Edition 

How to Get Your Founder or CEO to Make A Decision Now

You want to move forward but you can’t until your founder/CEO makes the final decision and you’re tired of waiting… Here’s a technique that could get them to decide today that does not run the risk of coming off as disrespectful. Below you will find an email template you can use should you decide to follow through on the strategy I offer in this video.

DRAFT EMAIL TO YOUR CEO (Please consider this as a starting point that you customize to fit your unique situation.)

Hi ____,

I know that you want to decide on the VP of Marketing position so I thought it might help to have the pros and cons as I see them laid out for you.

(What follows is an example outline for you to follow.)

Start with the goal…
(Our goal is to realize the full revenue and brand building opportunity that comes with the ____ event.)

Remind them of the strategy to meet the goal…
(To achieve this we agreed that we need someone operating at a VP of Marketing level.)

Remind of the decision to be made…
(The options we identified are to hire somebody now or promote from within.)

Provide options…

Option A: Hire new
– Pros (list pros)
– Cons (list cons)

Option B: Promote from within
– Pros (list pros)
– Cons (list cons)

Make your recommendation…
(I recommend we hire new for these reasons…)

I’ve checked in with the team and here is where they stand.

John: new
Jenny: Promote
Meg: Promote

If you want me to get the reasoning behind each of their votes I can do that for you.

Prompt a decision…
(Maybe this gives you the clarity you need to make your decision now? If so, what do you want to do? If not, and there is something I can find out for you that would enable you to decide now, tell me what it is and I will get the information.)

Humble yourself and provide an opt-out…
(Hope you find this helpful, if not, feel free to delete it. I’m sure there are many factors that I am not aware of that have delayed you from making this decision until now. I trust your judgment.)

– Signed, your name

That’s it! In the video I provide you with critical texture, color, and context, so please listen to it before using this template.