How Practically Guarantee Your Next Hire Is a Big Win

The cost of a new hire not working out is astronomical. Over the years I have helped prevent or resolve countless new hire breakdowns and I have one master tip that will practically guarantee your next hire works out even better than you had hoped!

After watching this 3:24 minute video you will not forget to apply my key filtering question before making your next hiring decision.

The problem usually starts when the existing team lead is implicitly or explicitly expecting to be promoted into a role you want to hire someone for. So you have a real problem. How do you get the existing team leader to accept and work with this person as their superior even though they’re expecting to have that position?”

Here’s the rule to follow. Only hire somebody who is clearly superior or clearly junior to the current leader of the department they are joining. You know that they are clearly superior if your existing leader is truly excited to learn from them. If they are not then you can bet that they will not respect them as their leader. If they don’t, this leads to the team dysfunctions that typically lead to one of the two leaving within 9 months. The time, money and emotional bandwidth it takes to untangle this mess are astronomical.

So before you make an offer letter, be sure the answer to the question, “Is _______ genuinely inspired by the opportunity to work with _______?” is YES.


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