Executive Leadership Coaching
We will identify your inherent leadership skills and cultivate them into your authentic leadership style. Combining the structure of the Saturn Leadership 360 and the measurable progress it provides when we finish, you will have a leadership foundation that you can build on for the rest of your life. 

Co-Founder Coaching
Experienced founders know that their success and happiness is inextricably linked to the quality of their co-founder relationship(s). Proactively seeking coaching to develop your co-founder relationship is the best way to prevent breakdowns and leverage the power of your partnership.That said, I’m most often called in to resolve active co-founder conflicts. I pride myself in my ability to help co-founders resolve their issues and establish their best working relationships ever. But sometimes, it’s just too late, and I am called in to negotiate an amicable separation to avoid a legal battle and minimize the impact on company culture. 

Executive Offsites
Co-founder or full exec team offsites are by far the fastest way to resolve friction, build trust, and align on the most difficult decisions.
In just two days you will accomplish what would take months in your office setting. My offsite design is focused on achieving measurable results. For this reason, I conduct 1-1 prep-work with each individual, as well as a follow-up group meeting 10 days after the offsite to ensure the decisions have been translated into an execution plan that everyone is bought into.

If you are curious to discover what an offsite can do for you and your team, book your free consultation with me now.


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