Wake Up To The Power Of Sleep

Since I can remember I thought I knew all I needed to know about sleep. Most of my opinion oriented around the overachiever motto, “I’ll sleep when I drop.” Boy, was I wrong! Little did I know that our ability to realize our full potential is directly linked to the quality and quantity of sleep we get. 

I’ve spent the last few months learning about sleep best practices and testing them out. I’m excited to share my most valuable and actionable insights with you. 

You are about to become a fan of Dr. Matthew Walker…

He is considered the world’s foremost expert on sleep science. The following videos were made while he was promoting his world-changing book, Why We Sleep.

Here are the videos I recommend in order of priority.

Appetizer: 5 min introduction to Dr. Walker’s thesis

Main Course: Dr. Walker presenting at Google – Will blow your mind!

Desert: Studies show naps work better than caffeine – TEDx

Interested in learning about power naps and more?

I have made a YouTube playlist for you containing the best quality and most inspiring educational videos on mastering your sleep.

Take a look and see which titles intrigue you most. The video playlist is unlocked, so if you have a favorite sleep hacking video to share please add it to the list!